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Neeraj Atri – Psychological Analysis
Himalayan Heritage – Kashmiri Hindu Genocide
Jaipur Dialogues – The Kashmir Killings
Author Interaction session – Vijay Manohar Tiwari and Rajat Mitra
Author Interaction Session – Sahana Vijaykumar and Rajat Mitra
Authors Interaction Session – Bindu Tandon and Rajat Mitra
Kali Dasi – Psychology behind Hindu phobia
Kali Dasi – Psychological Trauma caused to Hindus
Jaipur Dialogues – Jauhar – Saka
Stockholm Syndrome in Hindu Society
Sattology – Shri Ram Temple
Journey as a psychologist
Sattology — Impact of Obstruction of Justice
Why India Needs Memory Laws – MyIndiaMyGlory
How trauma lives on… – Conversation with Dr Mitra
The Untold Story of Hinduism : Sattology
Sattology – Identity crisis of secular Hindus
Into the Minds of Men: A Discussion
Ask The Expert: Lockdown driving you up the wall?
Kashmiri Hindus healing and reconciliation in 2019 — Chat with Tahir Gora @TAG TV
Charcha Chat by Hindu Students Council, USA on Trans-generational Trauma within the Hindu community
Understanding Trauma of Sexual Assault — TEDxCRCE Talk
Mind of an Abuser — Satyamev Jayate (Watch full video at:
Trans-generational Trauma Among Hindus — UpWord
Trans-generational Trauma and Hindu Resistance — Srijan Foundation
Trans-generational Trauma and Hindu Resistance Q&A Srijan Foundation
Trans-generational Trauma and Hindu Psyche – Indic Studies, Indus University
Psychology Behind Sabrimala Uprising