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IIT Delhi - Rendezvous - Book Discussion
IIT Delhi - Rendezvous - Book Discussion
Talk on Kashmiri Pandit Genocide
Panel discussion on Covid19 and its after effects
Kashmir Festival
Discussion on mental health issues of Bhartiya youth
Panel discussion on promoting inclusion at schools for children from separated families
Presented a talk at the conference
Panel discussion on rape crisis
Talk with Sattology -- Impact of Obstruction of Justice
Global Prayer for Sushant Singh Rajput
Tattva talks - Gaslighting and Hindus
Kashmir Conference - A return of human rights and democracy by CoHNA
In discussion with MyIndiaMyGlory
In discussion with Eternal Hindu
In discussion with Ahum foundation
In discussion with IndicForum
In discussion with Sattology
A discussion with
A conversation with Vichar Manthan, USA
Save Bengal Movement - Web Discussion
Kashmir Symposium, Washington DC
Live discussion on Trans-generational Trauma - Hindu Students Council, USA
Live Talk Show - TV Asia, USA
Hindu Yuva Ohio State - Lecture on Trans-generational Trauma
A talk by Rajat Mitra at Georgia Institute of Technology
United States Hindu Alliance - Talks by Rajat Mitra
Meet and greet - New Jersey, USA
Talk on Trans-generational Trauma of Hindus in Washington DC, USA
Meet the press - Washington DC, USA
Talk on Trans-generational trauma of Hindus in Seattle, USA
Talk on Hindu Memorial Day in Dallas, USA
Book Launch of The Infidel Next Door at IGNCA, New Delhi
Book discussion by Young Thinkers Forum, Bhopal on The Infidel Next Door
Lecture on leadership and human rights at Kirori Mal College, New Delhi
Tedx Talk on trauma of sexual assault
Panel discussion at Indraprastha College, New Delhi
Ashoka International Social Entrepreneur Fellowship
Radio Karishma, a leading Radio Channel in USA, interviewed Rajat Mitra on his speech on Hindu Memorial Day in Dallas


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