The book on Delhi Riots has been withdrawn by Bloomsbury after facing controversy. This should not surprise us. It is
On 5th August 2020, perhaps for the first time, in the history of India, by building the Ram Mandir, the
A Kashmiri Hindu and an old friend called me up a few days ago. We discussed the COVID19 scenario, the
Louis Armstrong sang the famous song, ‘When the saints go marching’ in the famous ballad to express his feeling of
Last week I phoned my friends around the world and talked about the COVID19 crisis. They are professionals in my
Like millions of Indian parents, I had also secretly wished that my daughter would love and watch ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’
I often get an uncanny feeling, an intuition that our ancestors are watching us from heaven. They want us to
Yesterday a part of me died. It was after reading a news. It was not that some more innocent Indians
Is India trying to dream today? A society, after centuries of indecision and wavering, is it trying to rise and
A child has died at the protest site in Delhi due to being kept out in the bitter cold by
The clash of civilization came into prominence a few decades back to predict the conflicts that would take place in
What would it be like for a Jew if a German were to say to him, “We had a little

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