“So what do you think about our civil disobedience?” asked a friend of mine on phone while wishing me for
“Why did you, a psychologist, wanted to meet me at this temple for this interview?” “Have you been to this
There are crimes done by an individual and then there are crimes done by whole institutions and nations. The crimes
The last Hindu of Afghanistan not to leave is a priest. There is nothing surprising about it. It is a
"This will surely put him in the dock. He will have a lot of explaining to do.” The glee in
One of the mysteries that has not been explained by historians is that why did the Hindus in the North
In every nation’s history a moment comes suddenly when its people experience a moment that seems totally unreal, a moment
A young scholar, a Kashmiri Pandit once told me about this conversation he had in a conference on social justice
Other day, I was taking a lecture on gender violence and trauma when the hand of a student went up
It was my friend from Mumbai who told me an anecdote that can be compared to what best describes what
I have several French friends. They are philosophers and psychologists who live and work in France. They are acutely aware
The book on Delhi Riots has been withdrawn by Bloomsbury after facing controversy. This should not surprise us. It is

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