The year was 1993. Babri masjid (mosque) had just been brought down in Ayodhya a few months ago and was
The conversation took place two years ago after I got a call from a publishing house. “Can you tell me
A few questions that a journalist asked me over the jeep strapping of a youth in Kashmir “Would this young
“What cannot be talked about can also not be put to rest. And if it’s not, the wounds continue to
“The stones in my hand speak a language that the world will understand one day.” These words of a young
“Are we losing Kashmir?” An international headline asks. “Is the alienation of the Kashmiri youth total? We still have Kashmir
The Anti-Romeo Squad in discussion on media nowadays brings to my mind memories of another time where I was involved
This is in regard to a question about ‘Business Models in Social Entrepreneurship’. Hope it helps our Father of the Nation,

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